About Us

The  Entrance to Palma Soho when it was located on Broome Street in New York CityThe Now (April 2014)--We changed our website to a site for inspiration on fashion, lifestyle and healthy choices.  We will offer personal shopping services for our customers as well as nutritional consultations and seasonal pop up shops in NYC are in the plan.  Please enjoy our website and contact us if you have suggestions, thoughts or just want to "talk".

The History= Born in Soho in 1976.  Vintage clothing was our beginning.
We evolved from vintage and began designing and producing our own collections until 1991.  At that point we started the hunt.
We scoured small designer showrooms and found extraordinary talent in the fashion market place.
Our customer base evolved with us and today we have moved our shop to the internet where you will find the same well edited, exciting and modern fashion choices we are known for.
We are extremely proud of the personal service we continue to deliver and are excited about this new venue.
We relish the idea of continuing to be your own find, your own little shop in Soho where you can shop whenever you like or are in the mood.
In order to distinguish ourselves in this new world, we continue the hunt to find the best ingredients from each designer, mix them up and make a very unique collection every season.  As well as going back to our roots a bit with an offering of vintage pieces.
Our customer falls in love with "the look" and then of course the individual designers.
We will be showcasing our designers in their habitats as well as our customers in the near future.  They are very interesting people.
Enjoy--and as always, let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.
We have also added a health coaching column which will hopefully enlighten all of you to feel as good as the clothing makes you look.
If you are an existing customer or are a new customer, welcome!

"The Club"

This is a group of customers who have been buying our collections for years.  
It is a special partnership that allows us to prepare a very personalized selection that is hand delivered or if not possible, sent to a customer "on approval".
The customer chooses the items she loves and returns or exchanges pieces that are not right and then sends payment.
In order to become a new member you must have shopped with our site for at least one year (so we may become acquainted with your personality and style) and/ or be sponsored by an existing member.